1. P-90 says:

    #11 Challenger 2, awesome.

  2. CunningLinguist says:

    while i am american and im impartial to the abrams tanks(i used to be on one), i have to agree with you. the challenger is badass, and so are the brits.

  3. ryan says:

    Merkava Mk III all the way or the leopard 2 a5

  4. gun nerd says:

    all the guns in the first picture from left to right.
    *1 STEN mkII,
    *2 Sterling,
    *3 Thompson 1928A1,
    *4 Schmeisser MP-28,
    *5 mp-40/mp-38
    *6 UZI full size
    *7 early mp-5
    *8 later mp-5
    *9 Franchi LF-57
    *10 Scorpion SA
    *11 Colt 635 ???

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