• The dude

    Chive clone

    Don't care

    Welcome to the internet.

    • Leo

      theCHIVE owns theBRIGADE

    • Mongoose

      Welcome out from underneath that rock you've been living under….

  • Anonymous

    wait so is this 'the chive' for hillbillies?

  • aleXTC

    #4 i like the mustachio.

  • Anonymous

    damn. this is sick!
    any chance you could get the RRS feeder up and running?

  • Gordon of Hesselink

    So there i go. good luck and blessings on your new proyect, Thechive

  • squishyfacedretard

    fuck yeah!!! FIRST!!!!

  • squishyfaceddrater

    FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also i wrote rtard and my comm no show. what gives????!!!???

  • Anonymous

    #13, if you knew any history, you’d know that hand gesture started out as “V – for – Victory” in the second World War. It was misappropriated and bastardized by the hippies during Vietnam into what you call the “peace sign” today.

  • Anonymous

    this site sucks cock

  • Anonymous

    #25 if you used that, you won’t have a home

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