• squishyfacedretard

    first again!!!! YEAh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • wild bill

      Im not big on artful pictures but these pics are fucking epic

  • Anonymous

    squishy + bobby = uber douche air wasters

  • Michael Jackson

    squishy & bobby = uber douche air wasters

  • bobby


  • Lupivthegreat1

    Retards ^

  • yo face

    Propaganda on the march

  • Douche Nozzle

    The Nozzle will have to settle for 4th.

    • Douche Nozzle

      Weak! 5th

      • D. Nozzle

        you stole my fake name. you shall pay dearly.

  • ArturoCR

    Woah, war is the worst thing ever. But it can be cool as hell.

  • greg

    when you click on the individual pictures, it would be nice if the watermark went away. these would make sweet backgrounds if it weren’t for that.

    • LOL

      Right click on the pic, “Save Image As”, give it a name & save it where you want it. Open with paint or whatever your photo software is. Crop out the watermark. Set as wall paper. Tada.

      And all of you stupid idiots who are obsessed with first…go borrow a damn life. I hear they have some all over the place…try turning off your computer & go outside! You won’t die without the interwebs for an hour. 😛

      And Rick…beautiful gallery. Thank you.

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