1. LOL says:

    Glad to see someone survived the weekend Bob. 😉 Great collection of fireworks making engines. 😉 Thank you.

  2. Roflcentral says:

    #6, #14, #16 – no wonder they clear the ship’s deck before they fire. Wouldn’t want to be out there when those went off lol.

  3. DaddyD says:

    I’m pretty sure I’ll get blistered for this, but … might be fewer wars if we had more pictures of what happens when these projectiles land. Same goes for terror attacks. I’d like to see some torso-less heads so that those idiots will think twice about their 72 fugly virgins.

    • Masschine says:

      Fewer wars? Maybe but it’s a stretch. Greed always rules over sanity. Remember Hitler knew he was doing what was right for Germany and the world. Speaking of sanity you’ll never stop terrorists by showing them what the weapons can do. They live for that destruction because they know they are on the righteous path. The only way to stop them from thinking that is a bullet in the brain stem.

    • TiminPhx says:

      Yes, if we could only see the effects these weapons call. We might have less wars. We would have also a lot more appeasement of terrorists and dictators.

      As the Western World gets more pussified over how these weapons keep them safe and get all these feelings of “gosh, why can’t we all get along” millions upon millions of others get all tingly thinking about killing us.

      Remember, one of the most beautiful sites in the world to those held capitive in Nazi Europe and Japanese dominated Asia, was the arrival of US and British tanks…(Not so much the Soviets, who were just like the Nazis, simply not as well dressed).

    • booo says:

      They will when your nation stops lusting over their precious oil.

  4. inday says:

    Nice pics, but some pics weren’t of ammo. For example to me it looks like pic #20 are actually flares being dropped. But nice pics.

  5. Dirtball says:

    What kind of rifles are in #33. They look bad ass.

  6. Nagrom says:

    #20 & #31` aren’t Boom sticks. They’re Flare counter measures..

    FAIL on the facts.


  7. Jim says:

    God bless the combined military might of the US armed forces.

  8. HellHathNoFury says:

    *sings loudly and off-key*
    gave proof, through the night, that our flag was still there.

  9. Eric says:

    Just fyi it’s not “fireing” but in fact “firing”. I have often misspelled this so don’t feel bad.

  10. Buffet says:

    I don’t get it?

  11. NELSON says:


  12. Francisco says:

    (Coming from a PC background) When doeuocntatimn typically states Option’, I’m looking onscreen for the some kind of choice on the screen and not what’s on my keyboard ><Took me a moment to re-read the simple instructions . GOT IT. Thanks for the tip!

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