1. tex7432 says:

    WTF is number 13?

  2. AB Firefigher says:

    it's a photoshop where they put the hulk in the background.

  3. Safe Driver says:

    To hell with the War On Terror, I had the right of way……..

  4. Sassy Soldier says:

    We're ready for our "Fighting A Gay Opponent" training, sir.

  5. Hungry Tony says:

    If an army marches on it's stomach, then he's ready for a thousand miles.

  6. Marco The Meth Man says:

    Warriors and part time submersible drug runners?

  7. Cheerio Chan says:

    Do you know how many boxes of cereal they ate to collect all those medals?

  8. Soldier With Bigboob says:

    Find the girl in this photo……

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