1. QWERTY says:

    #8 pretty much ruined the whole movie for me…how the hell did she pull the trigger, launch a grenade or reload?!?

    • Jowi says:

      well i can think of a few ways to pull the trigger and reload that but it may get a little X rated for this site.

  2. HKS says:

    It's great you included Robocops pistol, but i am surprised you didn't include the Cobra II Assault rifle in the same movie.

    (Clarence Bodicker) Bang Bang.

  3. sbj1964 says:

    The BFG from Doom should have been included in this .

  4. HughDiego says:

    I love the 10th one. So cute~:)

  5. krueg says:

    Robocops auto 9 is just a modified baretta 92fs-r

  6. Some guy says:

    Srsly guys, no pulse rifle from aliens…*facepalm*

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