1. John says:

    Thank god someone can masturbate for him

  2. direktor says:

    he'd still have hands if he didn't go to some stupid war for oil…

  3. Desaved says:

    In the end you concede they are right! Duh

  4. LMAO says:

    LOL what a pussy

  5. I know some service men gave all they had but I bet it was good to have someone to come home too. What a lovely story.

  6. rex says:

    a good wife because she still loves her husband? I don't get it? Wow, he doesn't have hands. Who cares. Are we supposed to give her a reward for not being a cunt?

  7. Kevin says:

    Can't be bothered to read, yet you waste your time, posting that you didn't read. Brilliant!!!

  8. Ophelia says:

    I read all this and I lose faith in humanity in general, these folks do a job that none of you knuckle draggers want or can do and you hate on them? Why? Mcdonalds wages gettin you guys down? YOU are the reason America sucks.

  9. Let's pray not one more American loses a limb or his life fighting in the desert for no reason. Bring our brothers and sisters home!

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