1. Lisa Martin says:

    Right click on the image. Save to your desktop or whatever file you'd like to put it in.

    Once saved, right click on it. Choose "Set as desktop background" or whatever you do to put a new wall paper up.

    The water mark for the brigade will still be there, but you can use a photo editing program to cut it off if you really think you need to.

    And I agree. Gorgeous. 😉

  2. Raymond says:

    , I’ll tell you if you tell me what this is all about. I just lokeod at her and said, What what’s all about? She lokeod exasperated and told me which building was the john. Then I was walking back from the john and a pair of guys lokeod at me and said somewhat aggressively, Yeah, we know this is how everybody dresses for the beach in Ohio! I just gaped at them and said, How did you know I was from Ohio? I *am* from Ohio! Only when I got back to our blanket and told my wife Cindy about it did I find out that she had used that line.It turned out to be perfect weather for wet formal wear. Despite my earlier predictions, we ended up spending about 3 hours and enjoyed every moment and every double take and quizzical expression. Once we’d changed into our regular duds and headed to the amusement park, it was like Cinderella returning from the ball: no more coach and horses, only an old pumpkin and some mice. But it was definitely the most memorable day at the beach one of the most memorable events of my life!

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