1. Gandalf says:

    Some of em brought tears to my eyes….=/

  2. Jimmy says:

    it's always a tear jerker seeing videos and pics of troops coming home

  3. metalcool36 says:

    #27 is a priceless picture

  4. Lisa Martin says:

    #24. Hit me right where I live. Not that the others aren't, but that's a man.

    All of y'all doing this job, when your time comes WELCOME HOME!!!!!!

  5. theanarchist says:

    welcome home boys:)

  6. Chris says:

    God bless each and every one of them, and their families.


  7. denzelou says:

    all this because of the son of b*** george w crap, who loves the war? at least it was for a good reason, it was just for oil and money, the business of fear, and the people pays the bill, he destroyed iraq, look how they are now, how many soldiers were killed? and he gave weapon to israel to continue killing palastinians, civil palestinians, I wish he will burn in hell

    • CDR B. says:

      Way to go douchebag! TheBRIGADE honors those troops returning home any get all 'holier than thou' and have to bring up politics. Soldiers, Sailor, Marines, and Airmen have been deploying for a lot longer than this current war…and welcome homes are ALWAYS happy times! Come talk to me after you've had a deployment…LOSER!

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