Choose your Weapon: just Guns in High-Res (24 HQ Photos)

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There are more guns out there but these are today's options
So, what'll ya have?
Don't forget Friday Firepower on today's Daily Afternoon Randomness

Get some Friday Firepower on today’s Daily Afternoon Randomness
theBRIGADE wants to show off your weapon of choice?
Submit your Photos here


  1. HUNK says:

    I'll take both in 22. Oh Baroness. So Hot.

  2. bob says:

    what is with the bow and arrows in #13?

  3. Great camouflage on #16!
    #21 has the most awesome color for a weapon.
    But the best for me is #22 and I don't want to explain why.😡

  4. top dog says:

    While I never thought of Jessica Rabbit as a weapon but, I do give her tits much respect.

  5. BigDingo says:

    I would ruin that baroness….

  6. terry burke says:

    #11 some needs to do some better maintenance on there mk 38. look at the rust on that barrel. mine never looked like that

  7. joeoby says:

    #15 with #11 mounted on top for support.

  8. Guest says:

    What's up with picture number two?

  9. thejustice says:

    Sweet blank firing adapters in picture 24. FAIL

  10. adhedeshy says:

    I downloaded fiferox today, specifically to check out if there is any problems, and the website and blog loaded perfectly! If you are still having difficulties, could you please be a little more descriptive about what the problem is and email me directly at ? Thanks.

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