1. Stupendous says:

    Awesome pictures.

  2. Hutch says:

    very powerful images.

  3. ABN@82 says:

    Back when men were men.

  4. ricardo says:

    a few from WW1 and vietnam, but still, great photos none the less

  5. Iambetterthanyou says:

    meh. where are the true heroes. the soviets?

  6. Equalizer says:

    WAR is created by American Corporations who just wants MOAR money.

    • RyeGuy says:

      Cause American corporations really planned for the Japanese to bomb pearl harbor. and orchestrated Hitler invading Poland.

  7. Pinchy says:


  8. D.Sharp says:

    Noticed the Frenchman holding the flag in 23 is ghost white because he was hiding during the war. And where the hell are his pants?!

  9. toon-town says:

    The guy holding the strange flag in #23 might be Dutch. I think these might be liberated allied P.O.W. s held by the Japanese, Note the British flag is on a bamboo pole. Bamboo grows in Asia. They aren't dressed for a cold climate like Europe, also notice "NO ID TAGS (dog tags, for you Americans)" no active military member goes with out them unless they're taken from you.

  10. James Mac says:

    Sixteen has some very nice calves.

  11. […] İkinci dünya savaşı sırasında çekilmiş, insan odaklı ve yüksek çözünürlüklü 25 fotoğraf… BURADAN… […]

  12. Nico says:

    Amazing shots. Love the grainy, high contrast quality of these. The flag in #23 is probably either Luxembourg or Netherlands. Both have horizontal stripes and both would be super happy that the Germans were defeated.

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  14. Phred says:

    You gotta feel for the kids in #14. Also, I know the squareheads were humans too, but they don't deserve to be recognized in the same breath (or webpage) as the Allies. My Granddad's generation didn't start the fight but they sure as fuck finished it.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The guy in picture 17 looks like Ed Gein. Check it out

  16. marta says:

    The photo of the helmet in the sand wasn't even taken during WWII. It was taken in 2004 by Owen Weber. Someone just zoomed in and chnaged it to black and white. Here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/owenweberlive/630098

    • Owen Weber says:

      Thank you, Marta. I'm the photographer of that particular photo. On the link you've provided, I describe the circumstances of taking that picture. A search on tineye or google reverse image search will show the same result.

      I'm flattered that my photography has been shared, but all I ask for is a photo credit and a link to my website: http://www.owenweberlive.com. Rick (creator of this post), would you please add my name and website to the bottom of the picture?


      Owen Weber

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