1. Seth says:

    I'll save her!

  2. drew says:

    # 15. I was lucky enough to get to work at a private exhibition of the firestorm and it is an awesome machine. imaging was incredible.

  3. Yeknom1 says:

    Is it just me or does the area around the shuttle pad (#20) look just like a Star Destroyer?

  4. nps says:

    Not sure if this should be labeled "Army pictures… With a couple girls…" Cause most certainly "Daily Randomness" should actually be RANDOM IMAGES and not the SAME GENRE!!!

    • Raspberry Kush says:

      Ummm it's called theBRIGRADE so I'm not too sure how you can have a different genre. That pretty much means your going to get pictures from people in the services. It's called thinking and you should try it for yourself sometime instead of leaving it up to everyone else to have to tell you.

  5. lolz says:

    #20 ahh yes reminds me of a mission on HAWX

  6. oghex says:

    Wow…nice pictures

  7. Reichenstein7 says:

    Mmmm Girl in 7….and those deer better be Zombie deer…

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