1. P-90 says:

    #7 Challenger 2, sweeet.

    • Corinne says:

      The idea, the willingness to set up a shoot like that, evinhtyerg about that amazed me. It truely did. The final photos are spectacular. The silohuette one on his page is definately my favorite.I’d really like to know the cost of the days shooting and what camera that is. It looks like a video camera (but of course I know its not)

  2. SOD says:


  3. fasterthanu says:

    In all fairness I doubt #4 gives 2 fucks is he is holding a gun or not

  4. everyone says:

    Haha, if anyone watches Generation Kill they'll realise how 5 and 32 are related

  5. Alp says:

    why is #23's gun blue?

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