theBRIGADE: Photos of the Week (51 HQ Photos)

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  1. 1iJack says:

    what is with the guy in #10 he looks like a f-ing zombie.Now the gals in #20 and #37 thats what i'm talking about.

    • fortheluvofswine says:

      anyone know where #11 came from? The guy in the picture looks just like one of the instructors from Naval Hospital Corps School Great Lakes…HM1 I believe…

      • Natalya says:

        That was my first thought. Nothing spiceal about carrying a log around with a group of men acting as a team/unit. That was used by the Romans. If you want to see something challenging read up about Hell Week for BUDDs/SEALs training.

    • Stevo says:

      camo paint by the looks of it. zombie-camo FTW!

  2. terry burke says:

    i almost got stationed on #46

  3. Com3 says:

    No.16 was me:) 2003 at Nablus, Israel.

  4. FLHomesteader says:

    Thanks Brigade for posting my pic.

    I'm sure the guys will get a kick out of it down this way…

  5. Jeff says:

    Sorry to be the dickishness of bringing this up, but submariners are sailors, not soldiers, right? But that trivia aside, yes, they deserve respect as fallen combatants.

  6. jon says:

    Can anyone explain the reason the U.S. Flag is backwards in no.40?

  7. Anonymous says:

    20 &37

  8. Squid1 says:

    Much love for the Brigade but just a reminder from a submariner – We're SAILORS! Not soldiers.

  9. Tangela says:

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