Medic! (41 powerful HQ photos)

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Photos of SGT Tyrone Jordan and other flight Medics of Task Force Shadow
Powerful photos from forward operating base at Camp Salerno Khost, Afghanistan
Thank you for the user submit photos of the 47th Combat Support Hospital during Desert Storm from Harvey Stowe LTC. USA (Ret.), Harvey provided photos such as the nurse holding the soldier’s hand
theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures from service
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  1. docsully says:

    Corpsman Up!

  2. uygft says:


  3. phorton says:

    "Sorry that you got in the way little girl. No, I don't know what happened to the rest of your family. I know you're in pain and distraught, but we're here to "help" you. Here's a crappy little Western doll. Now smile for the camera."

    • Warpedone says:

      War is ugly, sometimes bad things happen to the good and innocent – this thread is about the medics who do an astounding job in unbelievable circumstances for whoever needs them so fuck off out of here and don't ever come back.

    • Jen says:

      why do you even visit this website, dick?

    • says:

      go do something good today.

    • Peri says:

      Not fair dude, say all you want about the war, but where the fights happen, they are sacred. If you want to keep your sanity you have to think that when down there, these soldiers do whatever they can for the people there.
      That does not mean we should not photograph it does it? Else it will be lost to us in the future, and now.

    • Prd 'merican says:

      So you know this little girl personally? You know her back story? If not keep your little stories to yourself and do like Warpedone said : 'fuck off out of here and don't ever come back.' This post is about the hard work and dedication of Medics in the Armed Forces preserving your right to be a liberal dick-weed. Pray you never need one.

      • Mason says:

        Dude the liberal part is unnecessary. I agree with you about his stupid-ass comments but there are many of us on the left that truly revere these men and women for what they do.

  4. Bob says:

    So much respect for these people.

  5. GLC says:

    On pictures 9 and 11 you can see how they number the patients with a magic marker on the shoulder.

  6. DAVEY says:

    God Bless Them All!!

  7. equalizermax says:

    I'm expecting to see internal organs coming out of the body like a horror movie… anyway, move along…

  8. fuzzybeard2016 says:

    Does anyone else think that SGT Jordan looks like Bill Duke, the actor who played Mac in the movie Predator?

  9. ashley says:

    Makes me wanna join! How sad, yet awesome that our troops do this for us every day…thank you!

    • Rick says:

      I promise you, I'm not one to push but if you're serious, AMEDD is an incredible program; check it out, especially if you don't have a couple hundred grand to put yourself through med school. I had the fortune to interview AMEDD doctors, nurses, dentists and combat medics and they genuinely live good lives.

  10. MeisterMon says:

    Nuff Respect… I don't see the Taliban doctors helping civilians!

  11. Fps says:


  12. Lyrex says:

    Much respect. These are your fellow soldiers that you hope to never see but then are very glad to sse them too.

  13. Sarah says:

    Total respect.
    Some of those pictures made me want to cry – May the angels protect them.

  14. northerner says:

    As someone who is only on the outer edge of the EMS system, I have tremendous respect for those who respond everyday as EMTs and Paramedics to man's inhumanity to man, i. e. incompetent drivers and thugs. But especially to those who are Combat Medics who see horrors no one else will see. A terribly inadequate "Thank You" and a crisp salute to all.

  15. Bastiaan says:

    Get to the choppa!!!

  16. fozzynok says:

    I will forever owe the medics and doctors who did their best to save my son my undieing dedication and respect. .. while they did not succeed that day, their actions will always be cherished by me for their valiant daily struggles to save men, women and children of the various violent places in the world. We got a visit a few month later from my son's medic who came to us to try and explain what happened. He should be awarded the medal of honor for this was the single most brave thing that I have ever personally witnessed.. RIP SPC Micheal E. "Pokey" Phillips. You are forever missed by many.

  17. trashghanistan says:

    full repect to the medics, soldiers, everyone who is in that terrible place.

  18. afrcvet605 says:

    #26 Is sad, the T on the forehead is for Tourniquet, that child may end up losing a limb. I've always had a lot of respect for the PJ's, Dust-off, and Aeromed Evac troops, especially after seeing their work in Afghanistan.

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