theBRIGADE: Photos of the Week (62 HQ Photos)

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Please give it a minute to load the high-res photos, thanks

Please give it a minute to load the high-res photos, thanks

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  1. mchl13 says:

    Where is #59?

  2. Coldzilla says:

    Respect to all, especially #31, sitting there so calm and collected

    Lots of great pics here, glad theyre in HQ but too bad theyre not large enuff to use as desk tops

    ** hint hint **

    Thanks Brigade!

    • RideRed31B says:

      im 99% sure that #31 is fake, as in its make up for some kinda of casualty scenario, shes to calm it dosent look right and her uniform is sanitized <all her Velcro is off , do it all the time for training

    • FunkMaster says:

      31 is faker than pam anderson. She isn't bleeding and there is no blood on any of her gear. She also is dressed like a basic trainee. This is a basic training photo.

  3. Coldzilla says:

    Ah ok. Thanks

    Appreciate the insight:)


  4. markkens says:

    Oh God never forget the Cole

  5. fasterthanu says:

    Alba Gu Brath!😀

  6. Cudaman says:

    Working this weekend so my co-worker can see his son before he is re-deployed to Afghanistan. I will never complain about my working conditions compared to what these young men & women do for our country. God Bless & God Speed, please bring 'em back alive

  7. Boris says:

    Anyone know 11?

  8. equalizermax says:

    #17 – F*** this… I'm out'a' here…

  9. Hue Ayala says:

    This is so entirely disrespectful to women in general, but particularly women in the military. I've never gotten this website before, and I won't be ever after. I'm so sorry about what you did.

  10. oooooooooooo says:

    I'm not sure if they should all be having so much fun. It is actually a war, people are dying.

  11. Danny says:

    #12 By the time you see it, you're already dead

  12. _Beau says:

    #25, Thank you Sir!

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