2. slick says:

    holy shit #28

  3. N8 rawr says:

    I see what you did there…. and i like it!

  4. john says:

    Good stuff bro.

  5. roggi wilkov says:

    those in 26 are hippies. and those girls…. i'd hit three of them x)

  6. ZIP says:

    22 just wow

  7. V4Vendetta14 says:

    Anybody know what the deal with the face shield is on #1? Are those really government issue, if so what are they made of? Or am I looking at some cool paint-ball gear?

  8. Bradius says:

    I too want to know what that is Face Shield in #1 is.

  9. Wakka Wakka says:

    haha dumb brits don't know what camouflage is

  10. hamster huey says:

    if this is a game of odd one out
    im calling 28

  11. sanji says:

    nice! i wish I could wear those..

  12. orion11 says:

    what do ya know, another post filled with pictures of soldiers who can afford pointless gear while other branches struggle to get the basic gear. Good job army, i hope your skeleton mask scares the enemy

    • Ranger says:

      U mad? STFU and go off yourself……

      • orion11 says:

        easy does it soldier boy, just be content walking around a target in your cammies for the world to see

        • Ranger says:

          Your post makes no sense. Bagging on us to be "content" with the ACU and kevlar that is issued, while the other braches are suffering equipment wise?

          Last time I looked up I didnt see a biplane flying through the air providing support. Nor have yet to see the navy floating around the Persian gulf in canoes. As for my borthers in arms the Marines, well, give them sharp sticks and rocks, they will adapt and not bitch about it. I honestly dont think they know any better.

          • orion11 says:

            this is true. we will adapt. I just feel like all the pictures on this site are of soldiers in what looked like posed pictures but i guess ya'll just have some badass combat camera. No hard feelings

            • Ranger says:

              No hard feelings at all. Didn't mean to be so jumpy, sensitive about the whole thing. Was just assuming something different by the original post. As for cool gear, Marines are portrayed as the ultimate badass's. We just try to keep up, thus the gear…. Ill leave you with this : "Nothing is so exhilarating in life as to be shot at with no result".
              Keep your head down….

              • orion11 says:

                Yall are doing good things over there. We certainly are jealous of ya'lls gear but as you said, give us a stick or a rock, and we will bring you a fight. Keep putting rounds down range buddy….chin up, head down

    • FLHomesteader says:

      What other branch is "struggling" to get their gear?

  13. equalizermax says:

    #22 – only camouflage I want to put inside my body

  14. […] Check out 25 Awesome Military Camouflage Photos. […]

  15. dormin says:

    Ghillie suit is the most beautiful thing that you will ever see

  16. aersixb9 says:

    Some of that armor looks kind of hot, would it be worth it to attach small refridgeration units to the humvees or other vehicles/base areas to plug in insertable cooling coils (probably into the inner armor pockets, the armor should contain the cold nicely) or even small battery operated coolers, although extra weight is usually not good, it might be possible to put refridgeration coils/condensers inside the chest or back plate, add to the armor value with the coil/compressor materials and design, and then plug in to any common electricity source to power the armor's AC and/or heater, possibly recharging a short-term battery also. Plus I like quick release on my armor in case I need to move fast, although most armor does already come off pretty fast, plus good openings for food intake and outlet.

  17. Sweet says:

    Did anyone notice the camouflaged Canadian soldier? Me either that's how awesome they are!

  18. USLethal says:

    Hey Orion 11, you might want to take another look at 29 bud. And frankly Ranger, I'm disgusted at how quickly you reversed yourself and started kissing the USMC's ass. We don't need gear to keep up to goddamn anyone, and we're fighting just as hard downrange as they are. For fucks sake man!

  19. doublemeat says:

    The skulls are bad ass.

  20. Kaars says:

    #10 and #20 … won.

  21. AndreChamer says:

    #14 I want MOAR of Holm!!

  22. rpower says:

    #13 LMFAO

  23. curvingedge says:

    Reblogged this on CurvingEdge.

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