• john

    Gotta love a heavily modded nerf gun.

  • john

    By the way Rick, check my comment on Leo's post about stupid outside 'merica. Its funny cause its true.

    • Rick

      So I went on the treasure hunt that was your comment and my answer to your thought, those coffee cups will come in handy when the big one hits (according to Dan Aykroyd)

  • charlachaos

    I would do anything for the gun in #7!!😛

  • kaveman4130

    #18 pick it pack it fire it up

  • http://twitter.com/kyzz @kyzz

    What is #21 Please? Part Concorde, part ????

  • Cacio

    For @kyzz
    Hi, it's a Tupolev-22
    With performance roughly similar to that of the American B-58 Hustler, the BLINDER was capable of supersonic dash and cruises at high subsonic speeds, At least three major variants of the BLINDER entered operational service in the Soviet Air Forces — a free-fall bomber, an ASM carrier, and a photo/electronic reconnaissance variant.
    This supersonic medium-range bomber is a swept-wing aircraft with two engines positioned as the base of the tailfin.

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