• Matt


  • JayD

    #8 they are playing paintball. THe markers have paint hoppers.

    • no1mini

      that's not paint, that's chloroform – the guy on the right is fucked. :O

      • terry burke

        and the guy on the left wearing the fucking paintball mask

  • LMAOdude


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  • armstrongproduct

    KAYA toPEng YAnG DIPAke ANggoTA SLIpKNOt (Sid)


  • CrewChief

    #10 is Korea, recognize that barracks room anywhere…cause I'm sitting in one.

  • equalizermax

    Reminds me of Fallout

  • Gordon Freeman

    #4 World War I was full of a whole lotta Suck.

  • Coldzilla

    Extra points for finding the hottie with the mask!


  • Payce

    After hearing "Gas Gas Gas" 10 times a day for 13 months I never want another mask near me again.

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