• Don113

    Number 2 is a Soviet… well, Russian Akula attack sub, right?

    • Connor

      That it is my friend. Could be an Akula II, but they look so much alike it's difficult to tell them apart.

      • Kevin

        An akula, is a missile sub more commonly known as a typhoon. Its probably a Victor or Alpha

  • equalizermax

    #6 + Fap-Fap-Fap = #7

  • FartFace

    I hate to be "that guy" but the girl in 20 has obviously never fired a real gun or was never shown the proper way to hold one. She's still kinda hot though, so whatever.

    Also, who's 14? Wowza!

  • terry burke

    #20 is gonna cut the shit out of her thumbs

  • Tay

    Who is #14? I must know! WHOOOOO!!!???

  • Stew

    Pic # 8: if you are going to take a picture of your bad ass machine gun. take off the blank firing attachment.

    • Mikey

      Hey, um, just a suggestion, but shut the fuck up.

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