The Sten submachine gun took over the world during WWII (17 Photos)

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The Sten was a British submachine gun that was extensively used by British and Commonwealth forces during WWII. It uses a 9mm cartridge which was convenient because the Germans did as well making it easy to find ammo. A temperamental and ubiquitous beast of a gun it gained a somewhat mixed reputation by the forces at the time. It's design, although simple, was quite effective.

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  1. BigHeadEd says:

    Isn't #4 an M3 .45 cal Grease Gun?

  2. HUNK says:

    you sir are correct.

    It even says M3 on the manual

  3. patrickmcmanis says:

    Good find guys, still getting over New Orleans, I guess. Nothing gets by you guys! #4 was an M3

  4. Andy says:

    #3 and #15 are Sterlings, the successor to the Sten, and #5 is a French MAT 49…

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