Photos from the field (17 Photos)

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Here is a group of photos posted by William R Hayes SFC (Ret) of his experiences during the Vietnam war. It's rare to get an inside glimpse of the what the actual men in the field went through. Check out William's site too, he sells some great items!


theBrigade wants YOU, to send in your pictures! Do it HERE! Do it TODAY!



  1. Slakker_Bob says:

    cool pics, source link didn't work though. thanks.

  2. Martin says:

    Impressive pictures!

  3. Nick says:

    WOW, very good

  4. nickb says:

    101st; woot!

  5. provenzero says:

    101 – Screaming Eagles! Much respect!

  6. Nguyên Huu Ninh says:

    War, war, war… Fuck U, 'merica.

  7. fjsully3 says:

    Xcellent pics man,….

    I got some around, somewhere….

    If i find, I'll scan 'em up and post 'em.

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