• fasterthanu

    Dunno if those are the soldiers this quote is for but I'll throw it in anyway

    "The Devils in Skirts nickname was supposed to have been given to the soldiersof the 51st Highland Division during the Battle of Ancre in 1916 where they had to cross a battlefield littered with the fallen from a previous assault andenter a deep depression, called the Y ravine, to reach enemy positions.

    But the brave men stormed the German troops with such determination, thousands of prisoners were taken and by 1918, the 51st Highland Division was known as the best fighting division in France, despite grave losses"

    • Scottish_Yankee

      Sent this to my husband, who is from Scotland, and he thinks it is actually from WW2 and that they might be part of a burial detail. And that they might be part of the Gordon's but since it isn't in color it is hard to tell what tartan the pipes are.

  • john

    Good stuff Rick.

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