The Military gets all the coolest toys (16 Photos and 1 Video)

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The Crusher is one of the latest and greatest UGVs to come out of DARPA's advanced weapons development center. The unmanned ground vehicle was designed for dangerous reconnaissance missions, fire support, or any other situation deemed too dangerous for soldiers. Weighing 14,000 lbs. with a full tank of gas, this electric-diesel hybrid can traverse difficult terrain with ease and be controlled by remote or can run completely autonomously.

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  1. fasterthanu says:

    I used to have RC car like that, but mine was red and blue

  2. atf343 says:

    man, that is one ugly sunovabitch – then again, i said that when nolan's batmobile came out, and look how awesome that was, heh

  3. Connor says:

    Nothing beats the German Goliath. That was a true RC vehicular.

  4. germ says:

    Doesn't need guns; just run over the enemy.

  5. spartans202 says:

    doesn't this look like the goliath from homefront

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