1. JDucati says:

    Do you think the locals are impressed with that sort of shit?

  2. Wing Zero says:

    He's driving like that because a sitting vehicle is a target. It's an adaptive tactic to overcome IED's.

    • cdg says:

      An adaptive tactic to overcome IED's is driving like an asshole and making others get out of your way? Couldn't there just as easily be IED's on the other side of the road, or in the median for that matter? Come on now. It looks more like a few of our boys not wanting to sit in traffic and having some fun with the locals.

  3. USMCSgt says:

    I AM a US Marine. This tatic is purely the result of dealing with IED's. A moving target, often a FAST moving object is very hard to time a hit off of from a remotely activated IED. Even pressure sensitive or magnetic IED's have a slightly smaller effect when passed over fast.

    It can mean the difference between going home in one piece, several pieces, or not at all.

  4. ThugLife says:

    This is in Mosul on the east side of the city driving from the river towards the ruins of the Ninewa wall. We did this exact same thing when I was there from 07-09 because there were so many VBIEDs in that city

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  6. CPT Joe says:

    fags don't know this is 2003 or older.


  7. jarred says:

    what ever happened to hearts and minds

  8. Spectre says:

    Saw this couple of years ago. This idiot deserves a bullet, hopefully he got it…

  9. Sgt. says:

    Spectre, you are a fucking idiot. Maybe you should go verseas and be a sitting fucking duck in the middle of a city full of ied's and insurgents.

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