theBRIGADE: Photos of the Week (51 Photos)

6 0 0

Be safe and thank you everyone for the great user submit photos this week
theBrigade wants to entertain you next week
Help us with our cause, Submit your Photos here



  1. lolkimi says:

    #16 won't happen with a P90!

    # 13, lol.

    #21, awesome

  2. jabroni says:

    #25, I am in love

  3. LastDisaster says:

    holy shit

  4. CPT Joe says:

    #22 is NOT fun… You can't stop our fun, but #22 is not fun…

  5. Viking says:

    #16. That sucks and I feel the discomfort. Just a minor job hazard unfortunately. Be happy it wasn't the other end of the cartridge and fired from a towel-head. You'll laugh about this later over brewskis and tequila.

  6. Clint says:

    #17 That’s me in the pic. How did this get on here?

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