• Connor

    Should at least have a photo of one of the Russian Guided Missile Cruisers.

  • navybrat

    #27 would have been fitting if her headlights were on…..although they did give me a missle

  • equalizermax

    #13 – The reason why they lost the war…

    • gator

      poor donkey

  • Ceasar Titts

    gotta love FLORIDA STATE

  • Anonymous

    #14 is fort bliss cut off to the right is the military police barracks….i used to drive by that everyday

  • Matt

    cool missiles but #7 and #27 are freaking hot!!!!

    • Evan

      I went to high school with her lol. GHS baby, Tampa Bay!

  • Tim

    The landing is going to hurt for the guy flying through the air in #22

    • Anthony

      He's not flying through the air, he's laying on that hill and theres a shadow beside him lol

  • Maxwerm

    Fucking hillbillies. I hope your children are born with birth defects.

  • cpt

    major fuck up there, id run too

  • Tony
  • http://www.zooped.com/2010/12/14/the-daily-buzz-for-december-13-presented-by-five-photos-of-katy-perry-in-maxim/ Zooped.com - The Daily Buzz for December 13, Presented By Five Photos of Katy Perry in Maxim

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