Thank you Steve Martin (1 Photo)

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Today Canada is mourning the loss of our 154th soldier, Cpl. Steve Martin died on Sat. Dec. 18th. Today (Dec. 20) his remains are on their way home. It also would have been his 25th birthday.
Also, thank you Crystal S. for e-mailing me about Steve Martin. To Crystal's husband, who is deployed to Afghanistan over this Christmas; be safe.



  1. Jimmy says:

    Thank You Cpl. Martin for sacrificing yourself to save the lives of many more. A true hero. Rest In Piece.

  2. Gabe says:

    Thank you cpl. Martin for leaving your life in a foreign country in order to preserve our freedom. Rest In Peace.

    • Cid says:

      Yowsers.. That’s a tough one!! I love Lambos, and the only true 4 door Lambo for me would be the LM002/004.. I have to say it’s mad as a box of frogs, which Lambos usually are, so I’d plum for the Lambo on that front alone!! xD

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