Hey Brigade, what’s your EDC (Every Day Carry)? (25 Photos)

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So much of what we need every day we have to take with us wherever we go. This includes weapons, electronics, keys, etc. and we can't do without one of the items or else we feel uneasy and unprepared. So, what do you guys (and girls) carry in your pockets every day? Rick and I want to know!

Send us your EDC pictures and we'll share 'em with everyone! Just don't be stupid and take a picture of your credit card numbers or ID...that wouldn't be prudent.

Enjoy these EDC pictures from around the web, and let's compare. What do YOU need with you every day?

theBrigade wants YOU, to send in your photos! Do it HERE!



  1. casey says:


  2. fasterthanu says:


    Everyone carry's a knife these days….?

    • FixedinDC says:

      even the guy who took a pic of his starcraft mouse pad apparently carries a knife AND a multitool, i feel like such a pussy now.

  3. LMJ is a tool says:

    It's really sad that you people view knifes as weapons instead of tools.
    carrying a knife for self defense is retarded considering 40% of the time you are going to wind up cut either by your own doing or by your attacker. CCW is safer, easier, and more practical

    • brent says:

      i agree that acquisition of a concealed weapons permit is so easy that damn near anyone can do it. all they do is run a background check and ask for two references (whom they never actually called in my case) wait a week and boom its ready. also i had to pay a 25 dollar fee but who cares since the permit is good for like five years, at least thats how it is in PA.

      • V4Vendetta14 says:

        Damn I want to move to PA! someday! NY is ridiculous with their gun laws. Their misguided liberal agenda seeks to eliminate guns, but they only manage to restrict them from people that follow the law in the first place.

      • dedubs says:

        yeah bro its so easy and anyone can get one. Try living in NJ, NY and CA, the states I spend time in. Its de facto no issue.

    • fasterthanu says:

      If you grew up in Glasgow, you would have a very different view on knifes.

  4. YesCow says:

    Wow, Im amazed to see how many knives people are carrying. In Denmark you would get a fine or even a prisonsentence for carryin that shit

  5. Skelly77 says:

    #15 the BOM is my EDC!

  6. Shawn Martini says:

    Knives and guns dont surprise me. What does is the number of flashlights people carry. Ever heard of a glovebox?

  7. dom says:

    whats with all the knives? Crazy americans.

    • Adam says:

      Knives are used to cut things. I keep a knife on me, so that, should the need to cut something arise, I can use my knife to cut it.

      • FreeCitizen says:

        Co-workers are frequently shocked when I readily pull a knife out to cut tape and fiber straps. "Why do you have a knife?" they ask… To open things or cut things.

        • dedubs says:

          gotta love it… someone is struggling to open something with their bare hands so i take out a knife to cut it open for them. "oh gosh, why do you have that knife!" I just fucking showed you wh…ugh forget it.

  8. Cqcumber says:

    I only carry a 220 lumens tactical flashlight for my self defense. blind attackers with it, stab them with serrated head if they get close, then run. effective and easy to carry.

  9. fasterthanu says:

    #23 look like hollow points?

    • Adam says:

      would be my guess, that's what most people tend to carry

      • fasterthanu says:

        I always thought hollow points were illegal in the US.

        • Adam says:

          No ammo is illegal in the US. Some states may limit different types, but I don't know anywhere that has laws about hollow points. Here in PA, the only law I have to worry about is the one that gives additional punishment if I use armor piercing ammo while committing a crime. And that doesn't even mean that I can't buy, shoot, or even carry AP ammo, just that I can't shoot cops with it. There aren't even laws here to prevent me from loading my carry piece with incendiary rounds.

          • fasterthanu says:

            Fuck sake, am not even allowed to carry a fucking lock-back without being arrested.

            Laws here in the UK are a whole fucking lot different from the US.

            • Yoda says:

              I agree mate. It's pretty restrictive but at least I'm not getting capped by losers. I love firepower but will happily settle for some jap slapping if no one else goes for their tools of the trade. incidentally, nice bag of green and papers on #6. Happy days!

  10. paulhitchcock says:

    #5 – H&K P7. Nice!

    Knives are tools, just like guns. They're not solely for self defense. I use them for opening mail, shipping boxes, and just cutting stuff in general. I missed the submission deadline for this post, but if I had sent in a picture, it would have had two knives, one carried on my left side and one on my right. If I get my clothing or arm caught in something and need to cut it loose, I don't know which hand is going to be free. Having a knife on both sides means I can always get to one. Plus, knives are excellent anti-grappling devices. If some scumbag grabs one of my arms, I can access a knife with the other hand to "encourage" him to let me go.

  11. cap says:

    this post is very interesting. i like to see what people are carrying in their pockets. but i' ve two questions: pic no.4 is a fake or? and @ the guy who carries the items of pic no.24: you miss "deutsche mark"?

    • Rick says:

      May not be fake he could live in flint or Detroit MI and these are just the tools he needs to get through the day alive.

    • Minette says:

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  12. Mike says:

    well my grandad used to say," I'd rather have a knife and not need it than need one and not have it." Except when travelling by air I always have at least one knife with me…sometimes more.

  13. Sm00thM0nkey says:

    #23, #25 thats a good EDC

    • Rafaella says:

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