• EyeGuy

    OMG #14

    • vishus

      Name's Ann Angel….Google it (but not at work).

    • Just Sayin'

      Shame she looks about 14 too…

      • Vart

        Find her!

    • Jonny P

      Semper fi more of 14

  • Phil

    omg #22. I want to bite it.

    • batex

      damn that was my first response too! just wanna take a bite! haha

  • CableGuy

    #14 MOAR plz

    • Jonny P

      Did I say more I meant MOAR

  • paul

    #8 ARW Irish Defence Force WIN!

    • Emma

      Not a whole lot going on for me in the Google world aouhltgh I admit that this kind of service could definitely come in handy. I guess it ultimately depends on how strong of an emphasis you are putting on branding.

  • thatsright

    this pictures are all awesome but holy shit #14 i think i just came

  • Cudaman

    #22 made me do #23

    • Impossibility91


  • http://www.patinencomun.com/ skate

    weapons and boobs… nice! ;)

  • mclendonmeister

    Sorry firepower, you pale in comparison to #22 & #14

  • random1234

    #14.. just wow

  • Cris

    #14, #22


    Boobs and guns or guns and boobs; these are two of my favorite things.

  • USMC vet

    dear brigade,

    your site seems to be broken as i cannot scroll past #14

    please fix this

    ~concerned user

  • andychen


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