The new year brings back: Choose your Weapon in high-res (21 HQ Photos)

22 0 0

There are more weapons out there but these are today's options
So, what'll ya have?
theBRIGADE wants to show off your weapon of choice?
Submit your Photos here

theBRIGADE wants to show off your weapon of choice?
Submit your Photos here


  1. Connor says:

    #19 is good. I'll take it.

  2. GBravo says:

    19 for sure

  3. denzino says:

    #3 I've shot one of those before:)
    #19 for good measure

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by theCHIVE, Humor and others. Humor said: theBRIGADE: The new year brings back-Choose your Weapon in high-res (21 HQ Photos) […]

  5. walkingdeadonline says:

    Dibs on this weapon.

  6. eclipze says:

    19 .. can deceive any enemy.:)

  7. charles says:

    #19 would probably just go off in my hand..

  8. A BiPolar Guy says:

    #19 – Make Love, not War!

  9. Hank says:

    #19 Now THOSE are some fucking bombs…

  10. floscar says:

    #3 I used to work on these 20 MM CIWS with dummy rounds and now I work on MRAP #7

  11. maynard says:

    #19? Nice pair of 44's!!

  12. baconfortress says:

    "There are no dangerous weapons, only dangerous men."

  13. seth says:

    #10 = Lame Bullet Magnet Boats

  14. Jon says:

    I would take #3, but by the looks of the screwdriver in dude with long hard to pronounce name’s hand, that one is jammed.

  15. moeshere Foxdale says:

    #19 DUH>….what the hell yall drinking over there I want some…

  16. Mike says:


    Predator drones are a lot bigger than I thought… I thought they were scaled down for some reason.

  17. Why Not? says:

    #19 nice guns

  18. pyrosis says:

    #12 "Go ahead, make my day!"

    #19 Fantastic! More please.

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