Russian Military Patches (26 Photos)

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  1. Rob says:

    #26 He probably got a medal for every women he raped across Europe.

    • USMC vet says:

      swing and a miss…

    • Connor says:

      If you look you will see that's the Naval Insignia. He was most likely a submariner during World War II, from what i can see, that is the insignia of the Pacific Fleet. And from what I know of the War, the Red Army treated the Germans, the same, if not better, than the Germans treated the Soviet People. I would imagine after the Germans killed roughly 17,000,000 Soviet Civilians the Red Army was mad. Unlike the Germans, the Red Army did not kill roughly 14% of their over-all population.

      • Peter says:

        Stalin did his part to make up for it though…

        • Connor says:

          That's why so many people hate him. He wanted to avenge the roughly 30 Million total Soviet Deaths in his own way. The sad thing is that we here in the West ignore what kind of sacrifice the Red Army made. Were it not for them, we would be speaking German now.

          • fasterthanu says:

            If we weren't at war with Germany, we would have been at war with the Soviet union.

            In essence, if it wasn't for the Germans. We would probably be speaking Russian right now.

            • I am Name says:

              We didn't do a whole lot to help the Russians during the War, we did send them supplies, which were next to useless. Even after we told them that we would open a second front in 1943. It was during the meetings between Molotov and Roosevelt is where most of Stalin's mistrust of the West stems from. No war, no meeting, no mistrust, no risk of war with Russia.

              • fasterthanu says:

                When they invaded Poland in 1939 they could have easily campaigned to dominate the rest of mainland Europe. But the enemy was Germany, and they needed allies.

                • I am Name says:

                  Even if they did manage to take the rest of mainland Europe, they would not have been able to conquer and occupy the Soviet Union. What Germany was hoping for is that Japan would join in, but the day before the Germans attacked Poland, Japan and the Soviet Union signed a non-aggression pact. After the Japanese were utterly destroyed by Soviet Forces in Mongolia. The sad thing is that not too many of us here in the West know about that.

                  • fasterthanu says:

                    I was talking about the Soviet union invading Poland, not Germany. But yeah, I know what you mean. All I'm saying is if the Germans somehow remained friendly with Europe and America, then ww2 would have been us fighting the Communist threat (soviet union) and the Nazis probably would have been our allies. But Germany was too short sighted to see any of this.


                    Id have to say communism (soviet union) was a far-greater threat to the West than Nazism (Nazi Germany). However I'm glad both of them no longer exist.

  2. Beltes says:

    #21 – apparently Russia has an entire squadron of Batman clones…

  3. Uriftted says:

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