1. Ryan04 says:

    #27 and #28 there are no words for those pictures

  2. KappaAlphaOrder says:

    Link? More info please

  3. ben says:

    scroll through with Flogging Molly's "Amazing Grace" playing in the background. When you hit #20, you will be crying. The Minstrel Boy also works.

  4. Rick says:

    couldn't find a high enough res, thanks for suggestion though

  5. […] An early Daily Randomness: “We can not walk alone” MLK (29 HQ Photos and 1 Video) [chivegallery size="full" columns="1"] There’s a reason it’s one of the greatest speeches in America’s […] […]

  6. bob says:

    wish i could have been there at MLKjr's speech

  7. Cqcumber says:

    Much respect to MLK jr, without him, this country would not be the same as of it today.

  8. Kyle says:

    I think the word you're looking for is "now", but then again you've done a enough with your statement

    • Art says:

      Hey Kyle,

      Where've you been? Everyone is looking for you.

      • Auth says:

        Here’s an idea just don’t say the “under god” part . I don’t. indivisible? When the shit truly hits the fan we are as a noiatn truly indivisible. Sure we squabble and bicker just to hear ourselves but on any average day but when anyone steps to us there’s millions of Americans who will ruin there day.

  9. Barry says:

    i am getting choked up here at work. i better quit it but good G-d I love these men and women.

  10. Tim Nichols says:

    Nice to see a picture of a loyal Ghurka on here Brigaders. Great warriors……

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