Based on the “Band of Brothers”, this is the 506 Infantry then and now (37 Photos)

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The HBO show "Band of Brothers" is based on a war hero named Richard "Dick" Winters. The show is based on Company E ("Easy") which Mr. Winters commanded. On January 2, the life story of Richard Winters came to a close at the age of 92. This is a collection of photos from the 506th in WWII and the 506th today.

theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures from service
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  1. fasterthanu says:

    These are what I like about this site. Good job

  2. Mongoose says:

    Excellent job, Brigade.
    R.I.P. Major (I think that's the rank he last held) Winters.

  3. Jimmy says:

    Band of Brothers was an excellent series too

  4. Jay says:

    Thank God for our military. Thank God for people willing to risk and sacrifice their lives for the rest of us. Thank you everyone who serves in any capacity, thank you.

    • devil may care says:

      I completely agree with your 1st statement, I'm a former Marine myself. As far as the bastards that use them to increase their corporate profits (Cheney), I hope you roast in hell for 100 years-

  5. marshy says:

    Brave man, brave band of men. Thank you each and everyone of you for the sacrifice you made for all of us.
    I'm English and read Major Winters book before the series was made and rarely have I seen tv as well written and as BoB.

  6. simmel says:

    TheBrigade is fucking gay, who the hell looks at this shit? Patriotic douches …

    • Doctor Fonzie says:

      Yeah man, ur right!!

    • Peter G. says:

      Finally someone has the balls to say that.

      • USMC says:

        Right…..has the balls to say it while hiding behind a screen name. Real brave of you guys.

        • LT B says:

          Notice how the post and the two responses are the exact same time? Dumbass trolls the site and then posts responses under different names.

          • simmel says:

            Hey, see how USMC an LT B both are names with only Capitals and how the two responses were posted exactly one hour ago? Haha …😄
            Still everything gay here, 'cause soldiers (or people, who enjoy looking at soldier pics) fuck each other in the ass all the time😀 Or don't they?

      • Malachi Constant says:

        Yes, it takes huge balls to make a cowardly comment sitting at your PC about something many people hold very sacred. Look, it's Peter and Simmel, proud members of the 101st keyboard commando brigade! Fuckin losers…

    • Wakka Wakka says:

      it's called history, fucking idiot. and you don't have to be patriotic to look at pictures and comment, I certainly don't consider myself patriotic to anything but body, mind and soul

    • Mike says:

      Nobody is forcing you to be here. How bout you quit complaining about how gay this site is and take your negative comments somewhere else.

  7. Dunny_ says:

    I had the honor of meeting Maj. Winters a few years ago. He was gracious enough to sign an insert from my DVD set of the series. Could not have been a more humble and appreciative man. He and all the men pictured are true American Heroes.
    Thanks for making everyone aware of Maj. Winters passing. He was a cherished member of our small Central PA community and we will miss him.

  8. Logan says:

    Heh.. Heh.. Heh.. His name was Dick..

  9. @omgyotweets says:

    Ha. That comment was lame. Maj. Lame! –

  10. AnyoneForCoffee says:

    #31 #32 You are on parade, gentlemen. So take the fecking sunglasses off.

  11. TheTruth says:

    Well Done, Rick. Thanks for the post.

  12. petewhip says:

    God Bless America, and all the men and women who protect the homeland, then and now.

  13. BlownAway says:

    #26 Steven, is that you??

  14. Phil says:

    T.Hanks, 506

  15. Karlos says:

    This is the best series in the world history.

  16. Captain Obvious says:

    Please remember Ed mauser, a member of Easy Company who passed away this week in Omaha, NE he was the oldest surviving member.

  17. Save the Troops says:

    RIP Winters, but only please don't associate the Iraq war with WWII
    When U.S went into Europe in under 4 years they brought down the Axis of Evil
    overthrew Hitler, prevented the holochaust from continuing and saved millions of lives.
    10 years in Iraq the shits even more FUBAR than before. Winters would be ashamed

  18. […] Based on the “Band of Brothers”, this is the 506 Infantry then and now (37 Photos) [chivegalleryEx] theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures from service Submit your Photos here […]

  19. Alex. says:

    PFC Nunn. K.I.A. may 30th Paktika Province, Afghanistan. 2nd battalion 506th PIR (air assault). Currahhe nunn.

  20. Michael says:

    Just want to thank everyone that protects us and this land thank you all!!!!!

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