• Airwalktdk

    #1 depresses me since that dog is more awesome than me…

    • Mith

      I know the feeling!

    • SPY

      Yep, even if neutered, that dog have more balls than most of us…

  • Vladimir

    #14 I'm touched.

  • fasterthanu

    awesome post

  • John

    #21 the real black ops guys

  • heeeeeybuddy

    #3 and #12 noob tubers

  • tha drizzle

    #13 Is wrong that I want to bite her ass?

    • Brad

      No and I think that is Rachel McAdams.

      • Evan

        Nope. GIS "MetArt DemiB" and you see a hell of a lot more.

  • James

    #4 – My grandad was with the Desert Rats in the war… good to see them represented!

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  • Cris

    Who wouldn't want to leave bite marks on #13?

  • Yoda

    #23 has got to be photo shopped. No camel toe. Fantastic site guys. Well done.

  • Squid

    #20 is an older pic because i'm stationed here and there is a big Mcdonalds in the middle of that parking lot that makes parking a pain in the ass

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