Friday Firepower: Controlled demolition in high-res (26 HQ Photos)

9 0 0

What to do with all that unused enemy ordinance? Blow it up of with a controlled demolition of course!

theBRIGADE wants YOU, to send in your pictures! Do it HERE! Do it TODAY!


  1. fuzzybeard2016 says:

    #3 looks like they might go off if you breathed on them wrong! ☉_☉

  2. Jimmy says:

    #84 why blow up good ordinance?

  3. guest says:

    That would be ordnance they're disposing of, not ordinance.

    Ordinance disposal requires lawyers and explosives.

  4. V4Vendetta14 says:

    Looks like Scotch Double Stick Poster tape… #19

  5. Ross says:

    You can never have to much explosives!

    I would link a photo but i feel that would be redundant.

  6. mcmguy says:

    Thanks for posting EOD pics ( even if they were of the JV team). Hoo-ya boys!!!

  7. joma says:

    Notice the English writing on all of the confiscated weapons…
    We gave them over half of that shit. Hypocrites.

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