1. I am Name says:

    I don't know which one I like more #8 or #9

  2. centerofanapple says:

    Someone from West Point keeps uploading pics. The one up there now (#2) is fine. The one on the Chive where you called the Mess Hall a "kitchen" is not. Be more careful in the future, we're not very failure-tolerant people.

  3. Ross says:

    i dont know what it is but i looks like some future g36 variant.

  4. Anakrusix says:

    Looks like it could belong to a sci-fi movie. And it could be a floating motorcycle. lol

  5. Anakrusix says:

    I love #1. it's awesome!

  6. Neoarmageddon2 says:

    number 23 is the deck of the USS Essex

  7. Guest says:

    #12 Yep… sounds about right.

    And he's wearing non-issued gloves, for shame!

  8. vagabundo says:

    Im in love with you baby andi dont even know your name #18

  9. tbird267 says:

    #1 is such an epic picture….best one I've come across on thebrigade, artistically at least.

  10. Fenriswolfe says:

    It's concept art by a german named Pascal Eggert.

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