I received these photos from an old family friend when he passed away a few years ago. These are pictures of his brother, Lt. Dell Russon. I only know a few pieces of the story. Lt. Russon and his aircraft went missing in the Pacific in December 1941, only a couple of days before the attack on Pearl Harbor. I think he went missing near Wake Island, but I am not 100% sure of that. Lt. Russon's aircraft was the one marked 2-D-27. He is also the one in the cockpit photo. On the back of the photos with the entire four-plane flight are the names Ruchala, Russon, Wright, and Turner. The story of these guys is being lost to history, I wish I had more pieces of it. Photos were made to be looked at, not sit in the bookshelf. So I thought maybe The Brigade audience might find them interesting.

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