• Punani

    25 I would wear her ass like a surgeon's mask. Om nom nom nom!!! Other than that, the dumbest post ever!!!

    • USMCvet

      still failing i see…

      carry on

      • USMCvet

        I take that back Punani. I too would wear her ass like a surgeon's mask. Om nom nom nom!!!

        • USMCvet

          oh you got me there smart guy…

    • man

      you really shouldn't. you can get sick from doin stuff like that

  • fasterthanu

    There are only 2 people in the world without beards, women and boys.

    • Punani


      You are an idiot.


      • TheBeardedOne

        I'd say your the idiot sir, go grow some facial hair

        • Gern Blanston

          you are = you're

      • fasterthanu

        Don't worry kid, you'll be able to grow a beard when you're older.

  • http://twitter.com/omgyotweets @omgyotweets

    omgyo.com is offended that we don't get more pics of hot chicks in army uniforms. tsk tsk.

    • qwerty

      Fuck off

      • Dvorak

        while you and i may disagree on some topics, qwerty, after a comment like that i can say with all honesty i will gladly have your slow typing babies.

    • Shabs

      Don't attempt to promote your shitty site on the chive, that's just shitty.

  • d. trump


    best beard ever

    • rdh014

      ain't no doubt…stellar!

  • joeschmoe


    • Jimmy

      then don't come to the site you douchebag

  • MmmmmTasty

    #28 – lol@rob green

  • Dan

    #3 and #7 were my faves.

    • Boris

      You spelt Favre wrong. Maybe not funny.

  • fasterthanu

    Cool story, bro. You must have heard that one when I was destroying your mothers cunt.
    Fuck off,

  • Bearded Clam

    Everyone looks like Zack Galifianakis

  • top dog

    Who the hell is Brett Keisel?…..Seriously!

  • schango

    it looks like it stopped trying half way through

  • deleted7925663

    #6 – she's super annoying, but DAMN I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't hit it.

    • Rob_In_SF

      who is #6? I'd like to see whether or not I'd hit it.

      • Wolfram

        Sasha Grey. Search on xvideos.com and you'll see why.

      • Iswahyudi

        I’m not able to find my color for some reason. Would I be in the green or blue group if I live in Murray Utah? I’m eitxced to use your site. I want to be a gardener and this will definitely help.

    • Lyddy

      I acutlaly found this more entertaining than James Joyce.

  • Spocker

    #25 – I'm still waiting (impatiently, mind you) to see her beard.

  • Johnny cakes

    that beard is fuc*in epic

  • aleXTC

    Fucking hate having to shave…….. Just sayin

  • Slappy

    #25 Bearded Clam mmmmmmm

    • Ian

      I’m really extiecd to get your wonderful info and am looking forward to Spring and planting. We live in Lehi on the West side of the freeway just South of Thanksgiving Point. Are we on the same schedule as Pleasant Grove?? Thanks so much.

  • Poot

    Putting a white man's beard on these black boys just looks creepy

  • Ed Debevic

    Epically stupid

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