• Ed Debevic

    #2 #29 This post needs shemakes.

  • Ed Debevic

    #16 #27 I know how these guys feel. Leather thong and being shirtless. I need dicks.

  • Jay

    is that keeper hold that lion's balls?
    I think they need their own statue/public holiday/religion.

    • Claudia

      i LOVE this otifut seriously gorgeous if you don’t mind i would like to use it in my next blogger inspiration post!! i just thrifted a leopard print blouse and scarf and i am so excited to wear them!!

    • wximpfn

      2MMIgd rrplarmeiasz

  • P90

    #29 What's bad about that?

    • Tyler

      jailbait maybe?

    • zombie


  • I am Name

    #20 WTF?

  • Ed Debevic

    Ed Debevic = USMCvet

  • mtella88

    #22 & #29 – AWESOME!!!

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