1. John says:

    Apparently there is more than one Ed, USMCvet, Light Brigade and General. Or he is using more than one IP address.

    • USMCvet0351 says:

      no its the same asshole, i have to tell ya this shit is getting pretty damn old…I had to create a Account just so this asshole cant pose as me…

      • ............ says:

        I say we just ignore him. The guy obviously has no job/life and just sits at home all day constantly refreshing the page in order to post when something new comes up. Isn't it enough that we win at life?

      • USMCvet0351 says:

        I'm glad nobody can pose as me now. Now everyone knows that it is me that really and truly needs, not wants, DICK!!!

  2. USMCvet0351 says:

    I take that back. If #28 had a huge dick then I'd want MOAR!!! Om nom nom nom!!!

    • USMCvet0351 says:

      still failing I see.

      • EgyptRules says:

        USMCvet0351 delta bravo….does this mean you're going to go back to your stupid fucking "…surgeon's mask" comments every time there is a photo of a woman. In the long run, you have been more annoying than anyone else on this site, so maybe look in the mirror before throwing stones. Just my humble opinion.

        • USMCvet0351 says:

          its not me tard. might wanna practice what you preach. why in the hell would i comment on my on comment, does that makes sense to you? it sure as hell doesnt make sense to me.

  3. EgyptRules says:

    Not talking about the "USMCvet0351" that doesn't have the added avatar…..talkin' about you…the USMCvet with the pic. You are the originally "USMCvet" that put the "I'd wear her ass like a surgeon's mask" every fucking day, every fucking time there was a picture of a chicks ass here, on theChive and on theThrottle. Deny that and you have truly proven that you are a bigger "delta bravo" than anyone else that visits any of these sites.

    • USMCvet0351 says:

      wasnt me boss, your thinking of the "copy cat" get your facts straight before going on the offensive

      • EgyptRules says:

        I rest my case. Just thought I give you a chance to come clean and apologize. Your crap massively pre-dates any of this shit from the last week. Congratulations, you just identified yourself as…and achieved the level of…supreme Douchebag. Check the latest Force evaluations…the Marine Corps have now been deemed irrelevant and un-needed in today's world……description also fits someone like you that doesn't even have the integrity to own up to past indiscretions. Never had any respect for you to begin with….now I and others on this site have to figure out an even lower opinion of you.

        • USMCvet0351 says:

          hahaha your joking right, irrelevant and un-needed…you sound like one of those PETA tree huggers. TBH i dont give two shits if you have respect for me, really i dont. your probably just some snot nosed punk who hasnt had to earn anything in his/her life. please elaborate on how the Corps is irrelevant and un-needed, if it wasnt for the marines you would be speaking iraqi.

          im done fighting the trolls.

  4. John says:

    Well said. USMCvet0351…copy cat or not…..if memory serves me correctly…it was your perpetual "surgeon's mask" from weeks and weeks ago that started the downward spiral of the blog aspect of these sites. Hit the road, chump and take all the "USMCvet"s with you.

  5. fuzzybeard2016 says:

    #40 How did they find a pic of my ex-wife?

  6. USMCvet035l says:

    Boy, what I could do to help warm up a bunch of the cold dicks in this photos….nom, nom, nom

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