1. Boris says:

    Find #27 and #32

  2. bkfrijoles says:

    #25 is gold digging

  3. thekev says:

    Some of these seem like great ideas for the weekend!

  4. thatwasntthequestion says:


    Like a muthah fuckin Boss.

  5. thatwasntthequestion says:


    Could you pull this off in an interview (pun intended), if you kept your jacket button and the glans stayed inside your coat? I think so. I think you'd probably get a comment such as "that's a very interesting tie" until you whip it out (pun intended again).

  6. RED says:

    What is wrong with #4? Sweet ride!!

  7. HankVatican says:

    #3 – Meanwhile, in Mississippi…

  8. TylerV says:

    #16 Abortion Specialist…

  9. bob says:

    #21 has to be fake omfg

  10. daniel puckett says:


    The blonde's name is Ashley Newbury. She's a good friend of mine.

    I have a pic of her tush =] and some others. I bet she would want to be a chivette. She's smoking hot.

  11. annoyingshampoo says:

    Bring me #32 ! It must be done.

  12. moeshere Foxdale says:

    #15 sign me up…PLEASE…now we have to have #32….thats just fare….right…

  13. Spencur says:

    #15) #32) must have more

  14. lfsg says:

    I can't see how #22 is a bad idea

  15. Ryan says:

    #27 this is from a porn on daredorm.com, not to bad

  16. […] Here’s some bad ideas for the weekend (35 Photos) [chivegallery size="full" columns="1"] theBRIGADE wants to show off your funny pictures Submit your Photos here […]

  17. NOUU says:

    #29 stay home please…

  18. Phil says:

    The guy in #13 deserves to be able to look right at those sweater kittens. He shouldn't have to hide it.

  19. pyrosis says:

    #16 Polish Green Berets

  20. Kevy says:

    #17 must be Ed Devevic.

  21. biggie says:

    #8 Like a….. Chiver😉

  22. Rob says:

    #16 (A) Birdemic Brigade!! (B) No more wire hangers!!

  23. duffman0313 says:

    #22 Nom Nom Nom

  24. Carlos SLB says:

    #29 Granade alert!!!!

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