Things no one needs (24 Photos and 1 Video)

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  1. Dwayne says:

    #12 #19 I could have used those today.

  2. 1iJack says:

    #21 where can i get them

  3. jfk says:

    my friend has #20, sounds like a hell of a game

  4. Charles says:

    how can i get #9?

  5. Pervy Pete says:

    #23 She looks like she needs help carrying those. I hetter drop what I'm doing and help out.

  6. Garvin says:

    If you are pnlilug your poor old willy 12 times a day every day no wonder it is sore and you are getting pains.Leave it alone to get better.Think of something else to do.Theres more to life than sex.Hope you feel better soon.

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