The downside of freedom: Goth weddings (56 Photos)

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theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures of the downside of freedom
Submit your Photos here

theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures of the downside of freedom
Submit your Photos here


  1. My_Rushmore says:

    #31 PVC should not be sold above a size 10 *shudder*

  2. Carlos SLB says:

    #11 and #50, are kind of nice

  3. GDLEE says:

    Whatever floats your boat….

  4. AtomManhattan says:

    'Down side to freedom'? Stll a million times cooler than any white boy from middle of nowhere dressing like he's from the streets of Compton. And probably a millions times more intelligent.

  5. not a "WASP" says:

    This is just down right Fucked Up
    If this is a down side of freedom, then apparently the people who chose to voice this, think just like Hitler.

    The entire point of freedom is to express oneself. To put down someone for their belief is why we fight for freedom.

    Different is beautiful, not poison.

  6. olivia says:

    relax people… just LOL and calm down… haters gonna hate… we get it… troll or be trolled… thats how i see it

  7. iAm1-NAMI says:

    My family has served and fought in 5 wars. It wasn't to tell other people how to live.
    freedom is being able to do and say what you want to. How is people doing just that the downside? I don't want to be these people and they don't want to be me, but we are both free to be ourselves.

  8. Od1um says:

    This many pictures posted and nobody posted an after shot of all the worthless corpsefuckers deservedly shot to pieces? For shame.

  9. Arjay says:

    That's quite a lovely pair.

  10. baffy says:

    This is fabulous. Even more fabulous is how the cookie-cutter-Barbie-and-Ken society is upset with it.

    There is more to life than your white picket fences and crushing mortgage that you sell your soul on a daily basis to pay for.

  11. Aldon Samaha says:

    Just think how proud their kids will be when they grow up and see these pictures!

    Some of us ministers are wondering if whether or not we would do a gay wedding. Let me say in no uncertain terms, I would NEVER do a Goth wedding. I think these folks are mentally ill.

  12. JAS says:

    Some of these looked more like halloween than a wedding.

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