1. Jimmy says:

    AWESOME pics!

  2. fuzzybeard2016 says:

    #30 makes me wonder if there's some truth to those rumors I've been hearing about some of the F-117As being saved from the scrapheap.

  3. […] Military,Firing,Night,Weapons,Friday Firepower,High-Res Photos,theBRIGADE theBRIGADE. […]

  4. mtella88 says:

    #31 – AWESOME!!!

  5. Hirish says:

    I intend to do so , my RPG was going to be rlleay neat, but problems with my old AMIGA computer made me have to stop The good news is that I did write quite a load of my code and ideas down back then, sooo I think that I’ll be able to continue with a couple of modifications and some nice new graphic content

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