One American city and a topic: the girls of St. Louis (34 Photos)

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I want to show off the cities of America. This is Not limited to just pretty women, it can be a collection monuments, parks or whatever. This is the city I was born in and I figure, why not kick it off with a collection of good looking gals.
theBRIGADE wants to show off your city
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theBRIGADE wants to show off your city
Submit your Photos here

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  • ckhapa

    No hate, but I was just in St. Louis and Honolulu crushes.

  • Pepper

    for the 12 days of christmas, i would like # 1,5,14,16,19,20,23,25,26,29,31,33 in no particular order….Damn!!!!!

  • deebs

    St. Louis sucks. Every time I go there I can't wait to leave

  • top dog

    #27. This one I would lie to….yeah, I would tell her I'am just twenty one years old. It may not work but I'd tell her anyway.

    • top dog

      #12 and this one, I would lie to her too.

  • Il Duce

    #9 How pretty!!

  • LDD

    No one has called out #24 yet – would love to roll around on the bed with her.

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  • P-diddy

    gotta love living in the STL. and i'm pretty sure i've seen at least a couple of these girls at the bar i work at.

    • Byron

      Which bar are you at?

  • James

    #3,#30 and #33 find them

  • Matt

    MOAR #33

  • cahstl

    wow what a bunch of ugly model wannabes. why don't you ask girls from cities to send in pics they took of themselves or that their friends took of them. this is the worst representation of stl everrrrr.

  • Carlos SLB

    #15 #31 FTW!!!

  • fred

    #15, #16, #29, SEE YOU IN ST LOUIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Malkintosh22

    #19 Holy Gastrocnemius, Batman!

  • ORPO1

    Gotta go with number thirty. That is one cute ass!

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #16 #23 WOW….More man more….jezzzzzzzzzzzzz please….hurry LOL

  • Jacob

    Half these photos are pretty heavily photoshopped….

  • Mark

    #33 wins imo

  • bozzy013

    stlouis 1 seattle 0

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