1. Grant says:

    19……………. FIND HER…….. SHE IS MY WET DREAM IN A HELICOPTER…>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Trent says:

    #7, you know what thinking.:)

  3. […] 10 Women in uniform vs. 10 that do not wear a uniform. [The Brigade] […]

  4. littlej says:

    The uniforms absolutely had it hands down until you went here with #12 and here with #16.

  5. wztarheel says:

    #18 Nice Camel Toe

  6. Patrick says:

    who is #6 ?

  7. darth_vagrant says:

    I hear there's a country somewharr FULL OF 'EM!

  8. BigDingo says:

    #2 makes me stand at attention

  9. Poololololol says:

    #2 is hottest but prolly a stuck up and high maintence.
    I never considered it before, but military chicks would be awesome to hang out with! I bet they are not all that hot though😛

  10. idunno says:

    I prefer women who don't. also, #18.

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