1. blah says:


    Those. Are. Huge. That is all.

  2. Paul says:

    #23 British Army Viking

  3. Vart says:

    #23 is a warrior

    • Burak says:

      About five years ago we started mnkaig photo books for my inlaws. We give it to them at Christmas and they contain photos from the previous year. Not only does it make a great gift but it’s really nice to be able to flip through it every once in awhile. It’s a shame to leave prints just on the hard drive!

  4. Canadian Soldier says:

    #23 I confirm is a British Warrior IFV

  5. USArmyMP says:

    #18 not keeping fingers out of the trigger guard haha

  6. kosmici says:

    Super looks like the second image

  7. Ted says:


    I see some of my personal photos, Love that 25mm!

  8. the_mad_zak says:

    If they had these in the Black Hawk Down movie they could have just strolled in, picked up the helicopter crew, then leisurely rolled out. if you have a bigger stick then there will not be a fight.

  9. M3CFV says:

    #2 and #8… 1-4 Cav, 1st Infantry Division, OIF II, 2004-2005. Quarterhorse!

  10. Zakaria says:

    Sjoerd,Re the mausmara and tok piailt a place and time for everything bro.Thanks for the congrats. Had you still been here you would definitely be on list of people to invite. Know you would have got right into the mood of a Highlands celebration!!Robert

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