1. Adam says:

    Just awesome.

  2. Kokuryuha says:

    Nicely done, sir…nicely done.

  3. Reavenant says:

    I think I've just dropped a brick…Saluto!

  4. Jeff says:

    These are the stories that make the Brigade "the best!"

  5. Rob says:

    Like a BOSS!!!! Just outstanding!

  6. MRE says:

    BOOM, HEAD SHOT! Friggin camper. j/k

    I salute thee sir and I salute all of America's Greatest Generation. You sir are a national treasure.

  7. Viking says:


  8. roy says:

    How can any American not swell with pride after seeing this? Future generations have huge shoes to fill. Bless you Ted Gundy.

    • RiderPrider says:

      Even as a Canadian I felt some pride because we are all brothers. Good to know you guys are on our side.

  9. USArmyMP says:

    out freakin standing!

  10. FeFe says:

    Happy old people make me happy
    Guns make me happy
    This video makes me double happy

  11. Proud Canadian says:

    Wow. Even as a neighbor to the north, this man is an inspiration. Kinda gives you a lump in your throat eh? God Bless you sir

  12. SitVisVobiscum says:

    I got something in my eye there at the end…

  13. […] 86 Year-Old Bad-Ass Sniper – WWII sniper who used a 1903 model rifle at the Battle of the Buldge. If I could have a 3rd […]

  14. Marc says:

    what a nerd.

  15. BlueLiner says:

    Outstanding sir. <Salutes>

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