• Nicklas

    #4 And #19 Sweden FTW!

    #4 is HMS Stockholm who did two trips to Gulf of aden

  • Greg


    Does she has cling wrap on her legs?

  • I am Name

    Do I want the 19 barreled gun in #5? Or the Russian Attack Sub in #16? What about #22 and #24? So many choices. I think I'll take them all.

  • john

    i got dibs on #2. but #22 gave me goosebumps. beautiful.

  • fox06

    #22 That would be a weapon of mass distraction!

  • Daniel

    Definitely a Merkava #6

  • dDesigner

    I would double tap that!:)

    Su-27 FTW!

  • Brian

    Hell yea! You guys got my M1 Garand in there!

  • Motis

    #24 Thanks for the picture of the vintage WW II planes. Totally awesome P 51, B 25, B24, and B17 Flying Fortress!!

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